Polish Song Contest for Foreigners

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I. Contest Organizer
Department of Foreign Languages Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

II. Purpose of the competition
Selecting the best performers of a Polish song presented by foreign students. Promotion of Polish language and culture among foreigners learning Polish language.

III. Conditions of Participation

  1. The competition is open to foreign students of all faculties of Wrocław University of Science and Technology, students of Department of Polish Language for Foreigners and of the intensive English language course for foreigners, who have been in Poland for not longer than 5 years and whose mother tongue is not a Slavic language.
  2. Joining the competition by a participant means acceptance of all the conditions specified in these Regulations.

IV. Deadline and way of submitting applications

  1. Application for the competition is made by completing the form at: www.juwenalia.sjo.pwr.edu.pl
  2. Applications will be accepted until April 10, 2017 .

V. Formal requirements

  1. In the application form the candidate shall give his name, the title and the author of the song.
  2. In the competition, participants can use a backing truck or instruments. The need for the use of multimedia shall be indicated in the application form. The chosen track recorded on a signed CD shall be submitted in a signed and sealed envelope to the office of Department of Polish Language for Foreigners (room 505, building H-4) until 15 April 2017 or sent by email as an attachment (mp3 file) to: aleksandra.krauze-majtyka@pwr.edu.pl until 15 April 2017.
  3. The acceptance for the competition is confirmed by an email sent by the organisers at the address given by the participant, informing that the candidate has been qualified to participate in the competition.

VI. Criteria for assessing the performance of the song

  1. Phonetic Correctness.
  2. Voice quality, musicality.
  3. Original artistic interpretation of the song.

VII. Jury and awards

  1. The first stage of the competition will be held on April 26, 2017 at 14.30 in the Department of Foreign Languages, room 408. During the first stage, five participants will be selected, who will move on to the final stage and perform their song at the University-wide event.
  2. The final stage and the awards ceremony will be held on May 8, 2017 during the University-wide events in Strefa Kultury Studenckiej (Student Culture Zone) at 11.15.
  3. In the final stage, the jury will select the best three performers.
  4. The jury will award the following prizes:
    1st place - 300 zł,
    2nd place - 200 zł,
    3rd place - 100 zł and the award for the most charismatic performer.